Edition 12 June 2010 Worldcup Soccer Edition


While our website is updated on a regular basis, we have noticed that a number of members and non members
missed some of the updates to the website and in particular the new additions with local events in the Atlanta
area and new hot job offers.

We hope that this news letter will assist in filling this gap and improve our service to our members.

 The World Cup Soccer 2010 in South Africa has meanwhile started.
(And our first victory is meanwhile in the Bag)
To make sure the Dutch team will win the tournament we need to mobilize supporters all over the world, including in Atlanta!

   NL Borrels, 
The Atlanta Holland Club and the Netherlands American Chamber of Commerce would like to invite you
to come watch the remainder first round matches

Fado Monday monday
Orange became the domenant color around 7:00 AM and by 8:00 we had over 50 "Dutchies"
all watching the match and supporting our team.
Some of the bar staff promised to be in Orange on Saturday Morning
(where are those Bavaria dresses when you need them)

Saturday   Jun 19  07:30AM     (vs. Japan)
Thursday Jun 24 02:30PM(vs. Cameroon)

at Fado Irish Pub in Buckhead.

273 Buckhead Ave | Atlanta, GA 30305 | 404-841-0066 

  Looking forward to see you there!

Orange attire is required.

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Netherlands-American Chanber of Commerce


Cor Tadema



Atlanta Holland Club