Edition 5  - April 2010


While our website is updated on a regular basis, we have noticed that a number of members and non members
missed some of the updates to the website and in particular the new additions with local events in the Atlanta
area and new hot job offers.

We hope that this news letter will assist in filling this gap and improve our service to our members.

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Next Events :

Queensday 2010 invitation

Saturday May 8th, 2010, 4 PM
Monthly "borrel" meeting
5 Seasons Brewing
The Prado
5600 Roswell Road
Sandy Springs, GA 30342
The Atlanta Holland Club is a member of the NLBORRELS Network

Saturday May 22nd, 2010, 5 PM
Annual Rijsttafel
Please email
if you are interested to attend this event.
We need a minimum of 40 people to attend or have no option but cancel the event

Local Events:


What is the World Festival?

FIRST is honored to host the annual FLL World Festival
in conjunction with theFIRST Championshipin Atlanta each April.
The FIRST LEGO League World Festival is open to spectators free of charge,
as are all FIRST events.

The World Festival is a 2-day event celebrating team robotic
and project accomplishments.
During the days, team members take part in judging sessions and
robot competition rounds, culminating at a final FLL award ceremony.
Evenings are filled with informal activities including an FLL Celebration
at Centennial Olympic Park.
On Saturday evening, an exciting FIRST Finale spectacular is offered
to all FIRST Championship participating teams to complete the experience.

Hallo, wij zijn het Smove-team van Atheneum College Hageveld.

Wij hebben dit jaar meegedaan aan de First Lego League Regio-finale in Gouda.
Daar hebben we gewonnen, en daarom mochten we door naar de Beneluxfinale in
Papendal, die we ook wonnen.
Vanaf Zaterdag 10 April zijn wij een week aanwezig op het World Festival
in Atlanta om daar Nederland en de Benelux te vertegenwordigen tijdens het

Klik hier voor meer vindt u meer informatie over ons, onze robot,
ons onderzoeken en de Lego League.
Het Smove-team
logo Smove


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