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Why Join?

We provide a Metro Atlanta focused service to keep in touch with the
latest events and activities. As a member you will receive our monthly
Magazine (International Members excluded), discounts to events, access
to our extensive database and all the electronic version of previous
release Holland Times magazines
Major events that we organize include a Koninginnedag Feest(with the
Consulate) and the Sinterklaasfeest.
Smaller events include the rijsttafel, Hollandse Hap and the monthly borrels

When do I Join?

Our membership year runs from January 1 through December 31.
However, if you join after October 1, your membership will be effective
through the end of the year as well as the following year .

What are the membership options?

Family $ 60
Single $ 40
Student $ 20
International $ 30
Corporate $ 500

How do I Join?

Easy! There are two ways to join. Click here to begin filling out the
membership form and you will have the option of paying via PayPal. Or,
you can fill out the form, print it out and send the form with a cheque to
our Treaurer

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